The Bakehaus, established in late 2019 in a quiet but easy access location along Owen Road. The bakery focus on the following principles :

Artisanal & Natural Bakes

The bakers uses best available ingredients and creativeness to create unique bakes that incorporate natural processes, long and slow fermentation and optimise the value of time to provide best taste, flavour, texture and natural long keeping each loaves.

We pride ourselves of not using any chemicals, preservatives and additive in all our bakes. Most of our loaves are made with a natural wild yeast starter/sourdough on a daily basis and each variety of breads goes through a minimum of 16 hours fermentation to ensure best bread for the community. All viennoiseries are made in small batches to ensure freshness and best keeping quality.

Creativity As Our Core

We believes artisan breads should not be bored, however not forgetting our roots of traditional and classical varieties such as Pain Au Levain, Country Loaf and Traditional Baguettes.

Creativity is the core of the bakery with new ideas and creative bakes are sold and baked every weekend to keep the bakery fresh and almost there is no repeat of creativity weekend sourdough unless theres demand from the community. We aim to change and introduce new varieties every 6 – 8 weeks to keep our community excited !!!

Building The Healthy Community

The bakery aims to provide excellent customer service and to share with the community about artisan breads and ensuring each bakes are natural and free from additives and other chemicals.

We also listen to our community and introduce more natural and functional bakes into our bread menu for the community in eating for health.

Walk The Talk

We also conduct baking classes in small batches sharing the art and science of artisan bread baking and most classes sharing are similar to what we are doing in our production but only in a smaller setting.

We believe in learning and sharing in building up the community of bread baking and the baking classes is our way to share our experience and knowledge.

The Bakehaus is an artisan bakery focus on real artisan breads and keeping the local community with varieties of natural bakes.